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About Us

Halau Ka Lei Kukui Hi'ilani Mainland Extension - San Diego was established in 2014 by Kumu Hula Leihi'ilani Kirpatrick, of which Auntie Kahanoa Floresca serves as the Alaka'i Hula. The Halau is a traditional Hawaiian Hula school, where haumana (students) come to learn Hawaiian language, culture, history, hula, and arts & crafts.


Located on Kaua'i, Kumu Hula Leihi’ilani Kirkpatrick teaches hula to students who come from all over the world, including Singapore, Japan, Europe, and mainland United States. Kumu Lei founded Halau Ka Lei Kukui Hi'ilani Mainland USA extension - San Diego in 2014. She teaches Hawaiian Studies in schools on Kaua’i, and is also the Kumu Hula and Kumu Huaka’i of an association of skilled and respected cultural practitioners who work together to provide workshops, seminars and programs for people desiring to learn more about Hawaiian language, culture, history, hula and arts and crafts.

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Auntie Kahanoa Floresca serves as Halau Ka Lei Kukui Hi'ilani - Mainland USA extension's Alaka'i Hula. Auntie Kahanoa began dancing as a child growing up in Hawai'i and continued after her completion of an Architectural Engineering (Structural Engineering) degree from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. She continues in her full-time professional structural engineering career for over 30 years while serving over 25 years in church family ministry and almost 20 years in the Hawaiian hula community in California. Auntie Kahanoa combines her decades of education and experience as a design project engineer/manager, Hawaiian hula educator and ministry volunteer in her passion and unique mission of Caring for the Hula - Body, Soul and Spirit through a traditional Hawaiian hula school.

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